In relentless pursuit ofthe aha moment

Keith Mitchell

I seek that elusive moment: the instant the pieces come together; when everything falls into place and all feels understood.

As a UX & UI product designer for desktop and mobile, I collaborate alongside and lead design teams to ship industry disrupting experiences. Having worked from ideation to the launch of multiple products, I have a deep respect for each phase of the product lifecycle and to the dedication of each contributor.

UX strategy

I establish wireframing, create interactive prototypes, conduct user-testing, and rapidly iterate as feedback begins rolling in.

UX Strategy

UI design

I dream in paths and pixels, establishing a refined design language, and distilling patterns down to their intuitive essence.

UI Design


I explore ways thoughtful animation can cue helpful functionality, encourage interaction, and create a memorable experience.


Front end dev

I speak in web standards, accessibility, and build with the intention of establishing a reusable collection of UI components.

Front End Dev

Work samples

Community home Knowledge base article
Promoter marketing site detailing features and pricing
Impact metric to gauge viewer reception News stream Company documet on mobile
Full meeting calendar with attendee details Next meeting reminder and shortcuts to frequently accessed teammates Search with filter options
Email campaign template editor NPS dashboard
Promoter marketing site detailing features and pricing
Desktop document collaborate iOS document collaboration

My story

I’m a Principle Product Designer at Khoros with a team spanning Portland to Austin to Bangalore for our flagship community collaboration product. The experience has been incredible, affording me the ability to talk directly with customers, perform user testing on unreleased features, and shepherd our design language system.

Previously I led product design at Jive Software for a suite of collaboration products, and had the opportunity to speak at the annual JiveWorld conference in Las Vegas to share deep dives on our design thinking and ongoing product evolution.

I wore several hats as the sole designer for a 20-person PaaS startup defining the product user experience, designing the interface, and contributing to front end development to launch a private beta and quickly iterating toward public release.

Prior to focusing on product interface design, I led digital design at a Portland creative agency for a wide range of clients, specializing in B2B products and services.

When working with design teams I advocate design freedom and encourage personal growth. I value the use of design systems to steward design efficiency and consistency, coupled with close collaboration to create strong connections, broaden perspectives and move the needle toward a better product.

Once upon a time I also flipped burgers, pushed grocery carts, collected overdue credit card bills, and inventoried cars at auction. Yikes.

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